The Indigo Body Butter

US$ 56.50
A rich, soothing body moisturizer
Sale -4%

Nourishing Glow Shimmering Body Oil

US$ 74.50
US$ 78.00
Contains a luxurious blend of pure plant oils & squalene to soothe & drench skin with lasting hydration
Sale -2%

Deadsea Mud Natural Dead Sea Mud

US$ 17.00
US$ 17.50
A purifying body treatment
Sale -2%

After Bath Moisturizer - Moroccan Rosemary

US$ 45.00
US$ 46.00
A weightless, fragrant after bath body moisturizer
Sale -17%

Body Time Control C.Curve Shaper

US$ 276.50
US$ 335.00
A groundbreaking anti-aging body treatment

Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Cream

US$ 46.00
This rich cream intensively nourishes, moisturizes & protects skin
Sale -5%

Babor SPA Shaping Body Lotion

US$ 38.00
US$ 40.00
A daily anti-aging body lotion

Anti-Drying Body Milk

US$ 39.50
Helps the skin recover its smooth & satiny appearance
Sale -4%

Advanced Body Creator Super Slimming Reducer

US$ 69.50
US$ 73.00
An effective anti-cellulite & sliming body gel cream
Sale -19%

Nutri-Modeling Daily Nutri-Refining Balm

US$ 38.50
US$ 48.00
A 3-in-1 nourishing body balm
Derma E

Therapeutic Eczema Relief Cream

US$ 20.00
A hypoallergenic & gluten-free cream
Sale -16%

Superfood Kale & Turmeric Smoothing Body Lotion

US$ 26.00
US$ 31.00
An ultra-hydrating body lotion with a lightweight, refreshing texture

Men Hydrating Lotion

US$ 36.50
This water-fresh lotion brings absolute comfort to skin
Sale -35%
Thierry Mugler (Mugler)

Aura Body Cream

US$ 52.00
US$ 80.00
A rich formula body cream
Sale -26%

The Power Of Love Mineral Body Lotion (Limited Edition)

US$ 36.00
US$ 49.00
A mineral-based, hydrating body lotion
Mario Badescu

Summer Shine Body Lotion

US$ 29.50
A brightening antioxidant body lotion
Sale -28%

The Magic Of Minerals Mineral Body Lotion (Limited Edition)

US$ 35.00
US$ 49.00
A lightweight yet luxuriously rich body lotion
Sale -16%
DR. Hauschka

Lavender Sandalwood Calming Body Cream - Soothes & Relaxes

US$ 30.00
US$ 36.00
A subtly scented soothing body cream
Sale -20%
Original Sprout

Classic Collection Scrumptious Baby Cream

US$ 9.50
US$ 12.00
A multi-purpose protective barrier baby cream
Sale -22%

Eternal Repair Body Serum

US$ 81.50
US$ 105.00
A high-performance anti-aging treatment for the body
Sale -8%
DR. Hauschka

Lemon Lemongrass Vitalising Body Oil - Firms & Refreshes

US$ 26.50
US$ 29.00
A subtly scented vitalizing body oil treatment
Sale -8%
DR. Hauschka

Moor Lavender Calming Body Oil - Soothes & Protects

US$ 26.50
US$ 29.00
A subtly scented calming body oil treatment
Sale -1%
Antica Farmacista

Body Moisturizer - Lavender & Lime Blossom

US$ 25.50
US$ 26.00
A luxurious, subtly-scented body moisturizer

Idole Scented Body Cream

US$ 52.50
A heavenly-perfumed moisturizing body cream
Sale -18%
DR. Hauschka

Birch-Arnica Energising Body Oil - Revitalises & Warms

US$ 23.50
US$ 29.00
A subtly scented energizing body oil treatment
Molton Brown

Flora Luminare Body Oil

US$ 55.00
A vegan, delicately-scented, precious body oil
Sale -37%
Elizabeth Arden

Green Tea Refreshing Body Lotion

US$ 20.50
US$ 33.00
Refreshing and clean fragrance

Almond Delightful Body Balm

US$ 41.50
A nourishing, deliciously-rich body balm
Sale -8%
DR. Hauschka

Blackthorn Toning Body Oil - Warms & Fortifies

US$ 26.50
US$ 29.00
A subtly scented toning body oil treatment

Celluli Eraser

US$ 55.00
An efficacious body slimming treatment gel
Farmhouse Fresh

A` La Mode All-Purpose Shea Butter Balm

US$ 13.50
A` La Mode All-Purpose Shea Butter Balm

The Ritual Of Jing Soothing Body Cream

US$ 28.50
The Ritual Of Jing Soothing Body Cream
Sale -12%

Lavender Calming Body Lotion

US$ 34.00
US$ 39.00
A beautifully-scented, calming body lotion

SMARTBODY Butter Ultra-Rich Hydration Therapy

US$ 48.50
An ultra-rich, nourishing body moisturizer
Molton Brown

Lily & Magnolia Blossom Body Lotion

US$ 43.00
A vegan, lightweight & beautifully-scented body lotion

Silky Body Milk - Mango Kiwi

US$ 41.50
A subtly-scented, hydrating body lotion
Sale -18%

Cold Cream Marine 24H Hydrating Body Milk - For Dry, Sensitive Skin

US$ 31.00
US$ 38.00
An intensely hydrating body lotion for dry, sensitive skin
Sale -19%
Dr. Morita

7's Moisturizing Perfect Hydrating Repairing & Revitalizing Body Lotion

US$ 10.50
US$ 13.00
A repairing & revitalizing body moisturizer
Sale -16%

Body Fit Anti-Cellulite Contouring Expert

US$ 59.00
US$ 71.00
An innovative body contouring treatment

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